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My before and after. Photos taken just 2 months apart.

So I have always loved to watch porn. Can’t help myself really. Just love watching stunning hotties being banged by hung guys. The moans, mounds and huge cum shots. What’s not to like?

And those cum shots! How the hell do they cum more then a regular person? I’m just an average guy and I don’t shoot that much in a week! Well what I mean is, I DIDN’T used to cum that much. But I got da secret guys!

And it’s easier than you think.

I’ve never been “hung” myself. My cock was average size, but I always wished it was bigger. Probably because the only comparisons I had were the big guys in the porn movies!

A few years ago I decided to try some of the “enlargement pills” I kept seeing online.

They must work right? They’re all over the web and have been for a while now.

If they didn’t work they’d go out of business and disappear, wouldn’t they? Well apparently not!

There are loads of companies online selling this shit. I tried 3 different ones and none of them did a thing.

Anyway, I put my ‘little’ have bigger penis and cum more project on hold for a while as I was so frustrated. But it wasn’t long after that I started my new job at a pharmaceutical company.

BINGO! What an eye opener. I mean seriously. What I learned there was just incredible. I don’t want to tell you too many industry secrets, but . . .

Basically, working in a pharmaceutical company was pretty boring. But I have to say, it was also VERY eye opening.

I got to see all sorts of things and most importantly, learn lots of new things.

For instance . . . did you ever wonder why certain vitamins and minerals are way more expensive than others, even when they are the same strength?

It’s all to do with bio-availability.

Or to put it simply, how much of the nutrient you body can actually absorb, compared to how much goes to waste.

The more expensive they are, the more your body absorbs them.

Simple right?

So after working there for a few months, I had made friends with a guy who had worked there for years and we got chatting.

Eventually I told him about my money wasting activities with the penis enlargement pills and how disappointed I had been and how I couldn’t understand how porn stars came so much. “I’d love to be able to cum more like a porn star.”

He laughed and said “You can’t enlarge your cock with tablets alone. It’s impossible.”

I was stunned. But they said I can. It’s all over their site, and not just one company. There are lots.

“Its bull shit” he repeated. “But if you want something that DOES work, try Male Extra. You get tablets and exercises to make your cock bigger. They also have a product called Performer5 which makes you cum more.”

“Exercises? I don’t want to be down at the gym everyday, working out with my cock!”

He laughed out loud “Of course not! They are the simplest exercises you could imagine. They take around 8 minutes a day and you can do them in the shower. Some cultures have been using them for years. Don’t worry . . . no barbells needed!”

“Many of the pornstars have 8-9 inch cocks because they have been using these products for a couple years. But for an average guy it will only take around 3-4 months to gain an extra 1 – 1.5 inches if they followed the instructions. If you want to get even bigger, just keep going with the products!”

I asked him how he knew about this stuff. “We make it for them.” He grinned.

“So it really works? I can really make my cock bigger and thicker with these products?” I was actually excited at this point.

Yep. They’re top notch, no expense spared. You’ve been buying the “sawdust” products mate. They’re shit. You need the right ingredients, in the right quantities or they won’t work.”

Now this might make me sound a bit “sad” but I couldn’t wait to get home and check this shit out.

This sounds just what I have been looking for. I couldn’t believe it. Big cock and cum machine . . . here I come!

Listen . . . seriously, you HAVE to take a look at this stuff, it’s amazing.

Male Extra has added over an inch to my cock already. It’s longer and thicker now. More growth to come too! I’m not stopping yet. I’m sure I can get another inch in length and another half inch in girth. The results so far are impressing the hell out of my girlfriend! She said she can really FEEL the difference.

As a bonus, it’s made my orgasms more intense to the point they are painful. (But in a nice way. LOL) I last longer and my erections are vein busting. Apparently they work the same way as Viagra, by increasing the bloodflow to your cock.

And how to cum more?

The Performer5 has increased the amount I cum. And I mean really increased it. First time it really kicked in, both me and my girlfriend actually laughed. There was SO much! Who’d have guessed it was all to do with the amount of Zinc in your body?

Anyway, this is the stuff you need.

First Step: MaleExtra System
The first product you need is called Male Extra.

It is a system - very powerful enhancement pills and access to penis enlargement exercise program. You must use them both together to gain inches. But don't worry. They are SO easy to do.

The tablets you get act like Viagra and get the blood vessels opened up. My cock has not only gotten much bigger, it just seems to be getting harder and harder each time. This stuff rocks, seriously.
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Second Step: Performer5
The second product is Performer 5. If you want to cum more like a porn star, THIS is the stuff you really need. If you are not getting the nutrients you need to make more cum, you ain’t going to make more cum. Pretty simple right?

This stuff is packed with the ‘fuel’ you need to cum bucket loads, just like you see on the films. In fact it’s what the porn stars themselves use.
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My ejaculation volumes have doubled!

"I have never been happy with my penis size. Even as an adult I have felt self conscious that my size and have often wrecked relationships with my paranoia. MaleExtra™ has helped to change all that.

I tried their nutritious pills 6 weeks ago and I have already noticed a significant difference in my penis size. Even my ejaculations volumes have doubled which has been great for my sex life."

Ryan Mills, Account Executive, USA, Chicago

My staying power is through the roof

"I wouldn’t say that I’m ‘quick in the bedroom’ department, but age has definitely taken its toll on my stamina levels. I work 40 hours days and by the time I get home I just haven’t got the energy to satisfy my partner.

I have tried other methods in the past jelqing etc but none have really worked to increase my staying power. Fortunately, I discovered MaleExtra™ 3 months ago and not only has it helped me to boost my staying power, but my penis size has grown by an extra 2.1 inches, I am able to ejaculate further and our orgasms have been incredible."

Thomas Higgins, Accountant, USA, Los Angeles

You have to admit, this level of testimonials is very impressive. I know exactly why these people are singing the praises of this stuff. It’s really life changing!


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